Premium Frozen Yogurt Made Affordable to All

YoWell Philippines is your premier Frozen Yogurt brand which provides delicious yet affordable frozen yogurt desserts for all. Our mission is to provide luxurious yogurt desserts to everyone, making frozen yogurt and all its health benefits a staple to everyone, everyday!

Our newest product-YoWell Yogurt in 1-L bottle lets you enjoy our yogurt goodness at home while taking care of you and your family’s health. It provides billions of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria probiotics which promotes regularity and boosts immunity. Fortified by Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Zinc, the products also give you the nutrition you needed to fight COVID19.


Yowell Goodness

Yogurt Slush

Enjoy your yogurt like a smoothie with all the health benefits of our yogurt powered with live probiotics!  Refresh your day with a cool yogurt drink partnered with the best flavors nature provides!

Yogurt Ice Cream

Whether you seek for a heavenly experience, perfection of taste or blessed encounter, YoWell has formulated these delectable yogurt ice cream to pleasure your tastebuds!

Yogurt Float

Combination of all the goodness of antioxidants from real tea, calcium and mineral from dairy milk, and live probiotics with our yogurt – all in one delightful treat!

Yowell Yogurt

Premium yogurt in 1-L bottle with billions of Active Lactobacillus Probiotics in each serving perfect to keep you and your whole family’s immunity boosted!

Yowell’s History

YoWell is a proud brand under the wings of Doxo Manufacturing Ingredients, a well-established manufacturing company that caters product to various renowned brands and company since 1996. With its expertise and technology, we are able to produce fresh and best quality yogurt at our own in house yogurt manufacturing plant. Aside from this, we do not stop creating and innovating constant new products that cater to the different trends and demands of the market.


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