Yogurt Benefits: Why yogurt is healthy for you

Yogurt is healthy. We have heard of that before. But do we really know exactly the yogurt benefits it brings to our bodies?

Yogurt is actually made from milk that is fermented. Fermentation is a natural way of processing that increases the nutrient content of food. 

Since yogurt is a fermented food, these are the yogurt benefits you must know:

  1. Yogurt is friendly to lactose-intolerant people. Good alternative to milk.
  2. Fermented products are linked to good heart health.
  3. Fermentation increases the nutrient content in milk. HOW? Fermentation from yogurt increases levels of vitamins and minerals. Minerals and proteins become easier to absorb by the body too. 

Aside from these, yogurt is abundant in calcium, zinc, B vitamins and is a good source of protein. Zinc and vitamin B are linked with the strength of the immune system of undernourished senior citizens For instance, In elderly, low zinc poses a higher chance of pneumonia. Vitamin B helps in brain and nerve function.

Given all these, it’s important to make sure you pick the right yogurt brand that has all these benefits and more. YoWell Yogurt has this and more!

Aside from being produced fresh daily, YoWell Yogurt has BILLIONS of Active Lactobacillus Probiotics or what we call good bacteria.

Probiotics  are good bacteria that help us take care and improve our gut’s health. These probiotic strains help us digest better and get the most nutrients from the food that we eat. By doing this, the nutrients in our body are properly digested and distributed through our entire system, this is why our gut plays a vital role with our immunity. 

YoWell Yogurt helps with digestion and constipation

Gut contains good and bad bacteria and they are dwelling inside our body. If the bad bacteria won the battle, our immune system will be compromised. Billions of Lactobacilllus probiotics are found in YoWell Yogurt that can sustain the supply of good bacteria to our body. The more we supply our gut with good bacteria, the healthier our gut will be and the healthier our gut is the better our immune system will become.

YoWell Yogurt is fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Lactobacillus probiotics is not only the benefit added in YoWell Yogurt formulation. Each bottle also contains Vitamins C and D3. Vitamin C is known for its benefits to add protection for our immune system while Vitamin D is the nutrient from the sun. The probiotics in YoWell Yogurt also helps with our digestion and it promotes the regularity for us to get rid of our body’s toxicity in a natural way. Recent studies have shown also Vitamin D’s effect on our immune system.

Yowell Yogurt can strengthen your immune system once it is a daily habit

For us to ensure that we can take advantage of these YoWell Yogurt health benefits, we must understand that maintaining and supporting the good bacteria in our gut does not happen overnight and we need to continuously provide our body with good bacteria. Similar to milk, you can best benefit from YoWell Yogurt by making it a daily habit. 

Together with proper exercise and good diet, this is the best start to your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Informative, right? Let your circle know about YoWell Yogurt so we can extend our concerns to our family and friends especially at these times! Wondering when is the best time to consume YoWell Yogurt? Click the next article to know more! 

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